About us

Sömi is a graphic design studio that was born as a personal project in 2012. Located in Poblenou, we share our experience of more than 15 years as designers, and we offer the best solutions in catalog layout, photography and graphic design.

Passion, creativity and sensitivity makes each project give you the necessary attention in every detail. From the first meeting to the final delivery, no matter how big the project is, we will take care of all the client’s needs.

Diseño Gráfico, Catálogos y Páginas Web

We offer you a variety of graphic services and we have a wide network of suppliers in order to back all his projects.
We specialize in design, layout of product catalogs and websites, but at the same time we offer you other services such as:
Corporate catalogs, promotional media, corporate image, merchandising, illustration and photography.

Some of our customers:
Fundació Pasqual Maragall, Turris, Pastisseria Casa Vives, Daniel Jordà, Respira Energia, The Brand Company, Grupo Goya Importaciones, Proglobal Portugal, Loopita, Capsa Promociones Publicitarias, Els Pescadors, Axon Profil, RPS Promotions, Sr. y Sra Cake, Sprint Copy, Nobrinde, Ashi Sports, Afisiona’t, Fundació Emprèn, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

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Want to know more about us?

Víctor Xirau, (Barcelona 1974): Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director of Audiovisual and Media (St. Ignasi – 1996) and Graphic Design (Llotja – 2000), has worked in different studies since the beginning of the 90’s. Always looking for simplicity and elegance in design. His passions are photography and typography. To his ideal weekend there is… the family, mountain sports, friends, music and a good book to read.

Cristina Reventós, (Barcelona 1973): Senior Graphic Designer with a degree in graphic design at the School of Arts and Crafts La Llotja (1997) and Web Design at Parsons University, New York (2000), has worked in some studios such as JMG Garrofé, Mid Ocean Brands or AGE Photo Stock. Enthusiastic, methodical and dedicated to his work, he combines his work life with his family enjoying the mountain and the beach.