Torre de les aigüesTorre de la Aigües (water’s tower) was promoted by Xavier Camps in order to extract and commercialize water from Besós River. It ...
CAN FELIPABuilt in 1858, Can Felipa is another old textile factory that was restored by Josep Lluis Mateo with the goal of becoming the cultural centre of ...
CAN SALADRIGASLocated in an old textile factory, circa 1889, it’s currently a library and the Poblenou Festival Planning headquarters.
CEMENTIRI DE POBLENOUCementiri del Poblenou. Built in 1775, the Poblenou Cemetery was rebuilt in 1819 and was the first cemetery built outside of Barcelona’s ancient walls.
MEDIA-TICThis Building is an innovative, ‘zero-emmisions’ structure. It’s special ‘plastic bubble’ insulation provides high energy savings.
MERCAT MUNICIPALThe Public Market, established in 1889, is a steel, brick and glass structure that hosts 22 vendors at a time.
PARC CENTRAL DE POBLENOUPoblenou Central Park was designed by Jean Nouvel in 2008 and is a jewel of natural architecture, combining a wide variety of materials and resources.
PLAÇA DE PRIMA charming, quiet place among 100 year-old trees, where the original, white fishermen’s houses are preserved today.